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Cannabis for the Pediatric Patient

Cannabis Treatment of the Pediatric Patient I have been a pediatrician for 25 years and a medical cannabis specialist for the last nine years, assisting thousands of adults and children with serious medical conditions in using cannabis treatment. I have evaluated hundreds of children with severe epilepsy, autism, and cancer and have seen many obtain an incredible improvement in their quality of life with cannabis medicine. In medical school, I was taught that cannabis was a drug of abuse. I…


The Current Status of Artisanal Cannabis For The Treatment of Epilepsy in the United States

The widespread patient use of artisanal cannabis preparations has preceded quality validation of cannabis use for epilepsy. Neurologists and cannabinoid specialists are increasingly in a position to monitor and guide the use of herbal cannabis in epilepsy patients. We report the retrospective data on efficacy and adverse effects of artisanal cannabis in Patients with medically refractory epilepsy with mixed etiologies in Washington State, California, and Maine. Clinical considerations, including potential risks and benefits, challenges related to artisanal preparations, and cannabinoid…


Dosing Guidelines

Learn the effects of THC vs CBD, understand CBD:THC ratios, decide how you want to dose, explore dosing pros and cons, and be aware of precautions when dosing. This is a must-have guide for any new medical cannabis patient.


Understanding Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has become a major focus of research due to its tremendous medicinal value and non-psychoactive properties. Learn about this amazing chemical, its effects and treatments, and discover what types of CBD products are on the market.


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